…This Short Story on the Transformation of Matter.. and of Galactic Witchcraft itself..  is written & illustrated by Stavo Mustang Craft…


The Impenetrable Fortress…

It was Galexia’s mission and her fate to prove something largely not accepted as true on her planet – that the makings of the Organic Being in its fabric of heart and thought was much stronger and more sturdy than solid metals and more persuasive than missiles. Poetry was on her side, and passion. In a simple act of grace, she was to show that the gentle whisper is louder than all the yelling in the world; the stammering of a romantic heart against the tanks of insanity and annihilation.

There were many rumors. Some theorized that the source of her great power was an energy gained from trusting – over time – in irrational moments…and those subtle joys known only from the relishing of impractical diversions and silly games. She had somehow stored and transmuted these states of mind and harnessed their energy into a force that could beget universes with the slightest movement of her finger; to open gateways of time through the most gentle flash of her throat.

The rebels would not be able to stop her, for in her peculiar innocence, she was the true radical. Her lack of defenses and thus lack of walls became an impenetrable fortress. After all, how could you attack what was not there? How can you defeat an opponent unwilling to play and who can rewrite the rules just by thinking of them.

It became quick knowledge that Galexia was not to be trifled with.


The Space Princess…

Galexia was a Space Princess living on a planet being ravaged by war – but it was more than a class struggle and a vying for territory, but a war of hatreds and prejudices escalating into terrible & unpredictable violence. It was her destiny to penetrate the psyche of her planet’s citizenship with a vibratory resonance generated completely by her strange mental activity; a wavelength she was to transmit… in an octave of perception that would serve as a wakening bell to her perplexed and troubled world.

bb02aShe was one hip chick with enormous power, though not of a military nature, nor of finance. But her prolonged sensitivity to nonlinear information had built up a warehouse of magical inclinations based on instincts and intuitions.

All claims of madness aside, it was nevertheless true that she would alter the destiny of nations & crumble paradoxes with the simple flow of her garments, and the supple fluctuation of her breathing patterns. And most importantly, she was unafraid to take on the warring nations as an individual without military might or political office. Just a woman with an idea, and a willingness to meld her mind with the history of time. It was only as an individual that she could access the exact states of mind necessary to alter the course of Planet Alr’iita’s destiny, and overthrow the Blindness Scourge crippling her people.

Galexia would throw this web of emotion and organic fields of psyche into space as a ball of energy with a transformative power to exert her will over the very structure of matter. Buildings would crumple. Colors would reconfigure. And so too, paradigms would shift from this simple interior outburst of source decisiveness.

bb-03aFar away from the battlefields, the boardrooms of war strategists, and the clamoring of media reportage, Galexia worked alone in secret – in her small floating studio. It was a room of potions and incantations scribbled on small scraps of paper that were tacked to the walls with needles and sewing thread.

She collected all her thoughts in this manner and gathered her energies by harnessing this warehouse of sentiments into a sound channel she would one day, in a single moment, open and deliver unto the lap of the world.

A Basic Miscalculation…

Another factor in the Equation of Planet Alr’iita’s unruly predicament of growing tensions was the media generated perceptions of the planet’s condition, constructed for its own inhabitants, using a device of Control, which was itself an insidious invention built to create false excitement in people to replace–and as a substitute for–real experience and natural pleasures, like thinking and creating, known as the making of culture. The reason for this distracting of the populace is that real self-exploration and its resultant arts (which fill life with beauty and purpose) don’t directly beget fiscal profit and the supporting of institutionalized inequality that sustains the gluttonous and unnecessary overabundance of the rich.

bb-04aThe media network had become the mouthpiece of the Silver Empire, which itself was situated out of sight, behind the facades of televisions and radios that sent its signals directly into personalized dwelling spaces throughout the world. And I mean, if you can’t even hide in your own home, where CAN you hide?!

While opinions may have differed across its various locales, the acquiescence to the demands of a basic miscalculation concerning the true nature of power was worldwide; the value of internal victories were overshadowed completely by external access to better goods and services.

None of this was lost on Galexia, of course, who continued scribbling down each reflection into her notebook, which would become the initial base materials supporting her private revolution. She thought of cavemen carving their visions onto cave walls while she quietly sipped her coffee, looking out into the night sky…

The Beauty Bomb…

It was a night like any other. Galexia gathered her robes and walked out towards the open field, only steps from her floating studio. She extended her arms forward as the wind gusts swirled through her hair. Her voice raised in energy, and she began to sing…

Locked inside each Being is the most powerful weapon known to mankind – the human heart. It stays locked in its chamber; century’s pass, the heart endures.

bb5aGalexia’s experiment was to open this force and unleash its power in a blast of colour and beating pulse. This is the story of The Beauty Bomb; the most unexpected weapon in the war of Planet Alr’iita.

This unconventional weapon had the strange power to ruin men and yet to illuminate their very nature and produce intense states of salvation. This latter effect was the focus of Galexia’s efforts during this pivotal stage in her planet’s development.

A study of any playground in any nation will bear the same results: that we can share the wealth of resources available. At the end of the day, even money is only a concept we’ve been playing with. And that further, it is all in the concept. We find that sharing planetary power, like the five points of light on a star representing five elements and five senses ~or just five fingers spread from one single hand~ is simply a tale woven by existence, telling of separate elements that are pre-unified in the alchemy of their construction. Their diversification, not a functional trigger to bring about war.. but merely the nature of expansion toward infinite variety. And so this rather sad crumbled paradox was illuminated, revealing once and for all a basic and obvious fact: we too can live in a borderless world, as one people.

Recognizing this came down to a simple matter of the heart. Down through the ages, the heart had been in a more or less perpetual state of closing; a survival mechanism for a time, but one that had outgrown its usefulness.

The experiment of The Beauty Bomb necessitated the accessing of this chamber that guarded the power of the planet’s core and would be essential in fulfilling the entire world’s ultimate mission to engage in a destiny-altering transmutation of energy that would actually transform the nature of personal reality; where, what we had come to know as the planet’s physical form, would indeed change ~ and expand to meet its new self-image… that of a certain love unfurled.

The beauty bomb could only bb9abe ignited by this rare organic energy source carried by the human population, which mirrored the heart of the planet; a collective heart that was finally opening.

A little belief in the creative power of people was a necessary ingredient to the recipe… and just a little belief in the creative power of the universe.