Stirring a cauldron of elements to cast music spells, a bedazzling mixture of electrosonics blended with strong vocals and a seasoning of illuminative messages, Galactic Witchcraft materializes its own potion of Post-New-Age New Wave Synthpop. Personal and extraplanetary awareness is raised by employing this alchemy of poetic conceptualism with so many melodic candies. Delight in your ingestion of these cosmic hits! Flavors include the ever-popular Having A Reason To Turn On The Stereo with Mind-Treat Toppings, kept raw by the bohemian impulse (and distant-cousin to punk) of the DIY home recording process. “Synthesizers need to be kept dirty and not too polished to keep them honest,” Craft says of his low-budget high-impact ‘homemade’ approach to the sonic arts. “I keep them pretty filthy.”


The debut album ~ “The Cyborg Project” ~ very much set the stage for the thematic sensibility of all Galactic Witchcraft recordings: A call to Deprogram from the social constructions that conspire all around us to control our tastes, our impulses, and what we think are our desires. The challenge presented is to connect to the Cosmos and our own power within it to manifest the Reality Dynamics of our choice, where a broader human species can emerge that is capable of using the electronic world we live in to facilitate a platform for the flourishing of our highest capacities and sensibilities, rather than increasingly being turned into a mechanized life form that has become alien to our instincts, and being dictated to by the machines we’ve created. 


The follow-up album, “Strange Birds” further explores the need for a conscious investment in strengthening your wacky personal strangeness and otherness, to unearth your unique aptitudes and authentic flight patterns. Being a follower is deadly dull, but it’s also deadly period, for a species that must evolve to earn its right to exist, which requires the mindfulness of distinct individuation. And that takes balls… big cosmic planetary balls!


“Small Craft Advisories” then took the furthest leap yet in featuring the auralsonic interplay of elements to drive these sound messages to their fullest expression, magnifying the small advisements of Stavo Craft (on a number of dizzying matters!) into larger scale. Artificial intelligence, surveillance, social media, television brainwash, holographic principles of personal reality, the pin-up fantasies of projection, and yes, even concepts of god as a pattern, are explored with aplomb and delivered with radical advisements sure to titillate.


The start of 2018 saw the release of “Fabric Statements” which was created as an Introduction to New Audiences of the Galactic Witchcraft experience, combining essentially the previous 2 albums which were recorded within 6 months of each other, remastered and remixed into one record. This was conjured by Future Room Records to promote the music overseas, as well as in Other Worlds beyond our skies. “Fabric Statements” was recognized as the runner-up for Best POP Album of the Year at the 2018 New Mexico Music Awards.

As always, the story is the same.. “Choose wisely, choose Galactic Witchcraft!”


All songs are written by multidisciplinary artist Stavo Mustang Craft of Future Room Records, and produced by both Craft & Thomas Nola of Disques de Lapin, and are jointly released on these labels. “Fabric Statements” was released on Future Room Records in special arrangement with Disques de Lapin/Eskimo Films.