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Fabric Statements

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What It Is


Stirring a mighty cauldron of elements to cast music spells, these unique electrosonics are mixed with strong vocals and illuminative messages to produce "Galactic Witchcraft",  which materializes a tantalizing potion of Post-New-Age New Wave Synthpop. Delight in your ingestion of these cosmic candies! Flavors include the ever-popular Having A Reason To Turn The Stereo On, with Mind-Treat Sprinklings, all kept so palatable by the sweet bohemian impulse of the DIY home recording process. 

We Marvel At How It's Done


The words & music of Galactic Witchcraft are written by Stavo  Craft, who performs all vocals, primary synth/keyboard/effects, & drum programs, and records the songs in B-movie fashion at his home studio in Santa Fe as a one-man band. The recordings are co-produced by Craft with the indubitable Thomas Nola, who adds essential creative support with guitar, effects, & additional synthesizers, before doing the final mix & mastering. The recordings are jointly released on Future Room Records & Disques De Lapin.

Latest Results


The Galactic Witchcraft album “Fabric Statements” was the runner-up for Best POP Album of the Year at the 2018 New Mexico Music Awards, which is a statewide competition honoring music recorded in The Land of Enchantment (aka New Mexico) in each calendar year. But don't let those people tell you anything~ You decide! Listen today.

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